Fashion Styles for Women

Related Articles –¬†Fashion is a fluid concept that changes with the seasons and it has changed vastly for the better. It used to be more of a gentlemen’s world with only the rich and famous needing to know what was new. But times have changed and fashion for women is no longer just for the upper class. There are so many fashion styles for women that everyone can enjoy a fashionable look. Today fashion style women include business women, housewives, career women, young professional women and even teen fashionista women.

All Time Favorite Women’s Fashion Style

Fashion Style for Women The most commonly seen fashion style women are dressed in is the tailored sleek dress. From the 1950’s up to present this dress style has been a staple. A tailored dress with the correct fit is very flattering. Not as much seen as it once was but always present, the fitted or ball gown dress is an all time favorite. From a short knee length wedding dress to a long sleeve or strapless evening dress the fitted ball gown is at the top of the list.

Another great fashion style for women is the bubble gown. Bubble dresses were made popular in the 60’s and remain a favorite today. A bubble dress can consist of a one-piece dress that has puffed sleeves or a two piece dress that has long sleeves. A bubble dress look can be worn for more formal events or it can be used for casual evenings out with friends.

Flats, tank tops, halter dresses and empire waist dresses are great trends for women of all ages. These dresses look best when they are belted or fully styled. For a dress to be considered flats it must be less than an inch in height. This will also depend on the material the dress is made of. Mostly flats are made of sheer fabrics like netting or lace.

Modern Fashion Styles for Women

Long line dresses are a modern fashion style for women. The dress usually flows from the knees to the ankles and then falls straight to the floor. The dress can range in length from a short baby doll style to a long elegant dress. The classic LBD (little black dress) is always a great choice for this type of fashion style. Other choices include a long line halter top paired with a short faux turtleneck sweater, or a short sleeve shirt teamed with a long line neck scarf.

Formal affairs are not the only occasion where a fashion dress is appropriate. Casual fashion has also taken on a new look and is often called a sporty fashion style. This style consists of a light jacket, some sweat pants and a good pair of sneakers. The key here is to keep things casual yet elegant. For instance, a nice leather blouse will work with a pair of sweat pants while a stylish cardigan can be paired with a sports jacket.

The Best Way to Wear Women’s Types of Clothing

Finally, women are trending towards dressy fashion when it comes to fashion styles. These tend to be very popular among college students. The best way to wear this type of fashion is to wear an oversized t-shirt that falls just around the waist. You can then put on a sweater and top it off with a skirt that falls past the knee. Other options include wearing a blazer in the color of your favorite team’s logo or finding a classy trench coat at a thrift store.

The key to wearing any of these fashion styles is to find a fun and unique outfit that you’ll be comfortable and at ease in. Keep your personal style in mind when choosing your clothes, and try not to be too trendy. If you try too hard, you’ll simply come out looking and feeling like a fashion victim! It’s better to be comfortable and relaxed than to look and feel like a fashion victim!


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