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Why Should You Contact Us for Guest Post?

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Preferred Topics and Categories for Fashion Ideas Guest Post Submission

We welcome everyone for submitting content to us. However, we just accepted some chosen categories under fashion, beauty, and lifestyle topics.  Here are some preferred categories that are up on our site.

Fashion Trend

If you keep watching and following fashion trends, just send your guest post content to us. We would welcome and support you with the best place to write for us about fashion style.

Men’s Fashion Style

Do you have a sense of styling men’s fashion greatly? How to mix the right tops and bottoms style, footwear, or accessories, and fit them for any occasion?  If you have experience in this topic, don’t hesitate to share your ideas with us by submitting your guest post.

Women’s Fashion Style

Loving how to style women’s fashion? Or do you know how to mix and match outfits beautifully for women? You can pass your ideas and share them with us by writing guest posts.

Kids Fashion

Fashion is not just around adult people’s styles. You can write for us about kids’ fashion such as newborn outfits, kindergarten clothes, and teenage styles.

Fashion Influencer

If you follow some fashion designers or influencers and want to introduce their fashion style to the wider community,  just submit your content right now. We’ll help you to publish it.

Styling Outfits

Wanna share your fashion tips? How to mix and match outfits for daily lookbooks, or how to style seasonal outfits? Please bring your fashion tips and tricks articles to us for guest post content.


Prefer to write beauty content? You can send us your beauty tips and tricks, make-up, hairstyle, skincare, or nail art contents. Just bring us what is on your mind into a good article for guest posts.


When it comes to fashion there is no doubt that it also includes lifestyle. If you like to bring content about daily tips, not only on fashion but also about healthy diet, mental health, or even healthy & wellness, just send us your writing work.

Guest Post Submission Guidelines

Different websites have different guest posting requirements. Following these guidelines would increase the possibility of your content getting admitted and published. We have some rules and criteria that you need to consider before you submit a guest post to us.


Great contents are usually long with more than 500 words. Long articles are favored by Google, but you need to make sure they are valuable. When you are confident about your writing abilities, we preferred you to write for us fashion ideas content in 800+ words. Only the content that has meaning for readers will be admitted. Furthermore, your content must have good grammar, easy to be read, and could be understood by the audience.

Images and Videos

We admit writers to attach images and videos with your submissions. Guest posters are able to obtain use images, videos, or other materials from outside sources. If you include photos or videos in your post, they must have good quality, and don’t forget to include source references.

Linking Rules

Concerning linking rules, we only permit one high-quality outbound link that would make your guest post content reliable. However, if appropriate you can link the content to‘s published articles for internal linking.


Google considers publishing the same content on several websites to be a red flag. Make sure that every guest post you write is not only valuable but also unique and original. Your guest post should be of high quality and should never have been published anywhere, even on your own site. So, we will reject right away the copy-pasted content.

The Structure For Guest Post Content

Because we only accept high-quality content with good structure, here are some additional criteria that you should be concerned about and follow.

  • Write captivating and striking titles to encourage readers’ attention.
  • You should write content that is fluent in English with good grammar.
  • Make sure to use a more active voice in your writing work.
  • Every paragraph should contain short sentences.
  • You need to use H2, H3, or H4 subheadings in your content.
  • Make sure to use a rich vocabulary to avoid repetitive sentences.
  • Make sure to write content that has a great keyword and adjust it naturally in the content.
  • You also need to write a meta description containing between 100 and 120 words.

What You Should Do to Submit Guest Post?

Because guest blogging has been so popular in recent years, the number of websites offering ways to boost guest posts has also increased. However, is my top advice if you are seeking a legitimate and trusted website that can genuinely help you acquire the appropriate results in the fashion ideas niche. After you follow all the guidelines above, you can submit your article through the form below.

    Alternatively, you can submit it to our email [email protected] where we will respond within 24 hours (Mon-Fri). Make sure to send us the content in a ZIP file complete with images.