How To Wear Earrings With Confidence: Dangle Earrings Made Simple

Related Articles – An earring is simply a delicate piece of jewelry attached securely to the ear by a tiny piercing in the outer ear or an earring band at the back of the ear. Earrings were widely worn by early people in many ancient cultures and historical times, often having symbolic meaning. Earrings can be made of any metal: gold, silver, titanium, plastic, etc. Today, earrings are often made of rhinestones and other gems. They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes – studs, hoops, bangle types, etc. Many of them also have embedded precious stones such as diamonds and rubies.

Popular Choice Among Women

The earring hooks or screw fasteners are the most important part of earrings. They secure the earring in place and ensure that it stays in place too. Different types of hooks exist, from threaded to riveted. Screw fasteners are strong enough to hold earrings securely, but they need to be tightened carefully by an expert. Threaded types are a popular choice among women who wish to add some flair to their look.

A famous earring called a Hoop earring looks very simple – and is. It is made of a long piece of metal, preferably stainless steel. There is either a small or large hoop attached to a stud or pierced earlobe. The hoops are available in a wide variety of colors, finishes and styles and look stunning with any outfit.

Another great earring, which doubles as a great earring case as well, is the gold hoop earring. The earring case is usually made of black leather trimmed with white fur to match the gold hoop. This type of earring can go perfectly with any kind of evening dress and can be worn both strapless and with earrings to really draw attention to your face and body. Gold hoops can also be worn under low-cut shirts to pull the attention down to your chest.

Kinds of Beautiful Earrings That Look Good

One style that goes especially well under jewelry, platforms are a beautiful earring type that look great with almost any kind of neckline. The earring’s looping design allows for it to dangle freely. You can wear the platforms under any kind of neckline, including: low cut shirts, polo necks, chunky earrings and more.

Earring clips are another way to wear earrings without having the hassle of stringing them on. These clip on earring sets are made of thin plastic or metal, so they won’t poke your ears. All you need to do is keep the earring clip within easy reach. Clip on earrings are usually worn on one earlobe. For a bold look, you may wear them together with your other earring pieces.

Attracting Charm Perfect Earrings

In addition to clip on earrings, you can also choose earring charms for your pierced ear lobes. Charms allow you to fasten the earring clasps securely to your ear lobe, which eliminates the hassle of dangling earrings. You simply pull the charm from its base, and then it easily latches on to your earlobe. Earring charms come in all shapes and sizes, and there are plenty to choose from. From simple studs to elaborate dangling earrings, you can find the right earring charms to compliment your earring.

No matter how you choose to wear earrings, whether you wear one, two, or three earrings, you will look gorgeous! By learning how to wear earrings in a specific way, you can ensure that your earring looks great every time you wear it. If you enjoy dangle earrings, but you hate looking at your earring, then you will love these tips on how to wear earrings with confidence.


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