Necklace – Types and Styles of Necklaces

Related Articles – A necklace is simply an ornamental piece of jewelry that’s worn on the neck. Earlier, necklaces were one of the oldest forms of adornment used by early humans. Necklaces would have come into use as far back as the age of puberty. Although the purpose for wearing necklaces is not clear-cut, it’s generally accepted that necklaces are worn as a way to display affection for someone or something. As such, a necklace has become a part of almost every woman’s fashion statement. Necklaces can be made from many different kinds of precious and semi-precious stones; these days, even cubic zirconia and other rare stones are being used in making necklaces.

Various Types of Necklaces

A necklace can either be simple and understated or ornate and elaborate. A simple necklace would just contain a bunch of stones or semi-precious gems arranged in a square or a circle. The stones could also be placed through the use of chains. Now, a necklace can be made from a combination of precious and semi-precious stones and chains or beads can be added through the use of tiny balls of metal called pebbles. The chains can be attached to pendants or to be worn on their own.

A diamond necklace makes a perfect gift for any occasion and can look stunning with matching earrings and a simple dress. A diamond necklace with a chain is a classic accessory, especially if the chain is made of gold. A diamond necklace can either have a simple single chain or can have several chains connecting to a single chain – this depends on the design of the necklace.

An expensive but fashionable necklace can have diamonds, pearls, or both as a primary material. Pearls are very beautiful and there are a number of pearl necklaces available on the market today. A single-strand necklace with a single pearl or small clusters of pearls looks amazing. For those who want something different, a necklace with multiple strands of pearls looks stunning and can also be made into a beautiful choker. One can even choose a single pearl necklace and add more jewels to it by adding a chain.

Pendant Necklaces Complement Almost Any Type of Clothing

A pendant necklace is usually made up of a chain, but there are pendant necklaces that consist of a single diamond or small stones which are dangling from a single chain. A pendant necklace can be a great way to accessorize an evening outfit. A pendant necklace can be worn on a casual day out or during informal evenings. It can be worn with an outfit that is not too over the top and conservative. It can complement almost any type of clothing. For a simple and understated evening outfit, a simple white or ivory long pendant necklace will do the trick.

A locket pendant is another option. A locket pendant is a small-sized necklace, around three to five inches in length, which is hung from a very thin chain. It can be worn with matching lockets which are made up of precious metal such as silver, gold, or platinum. It can look very elegant with a plain evening dress.

Amazing Gemstone Necklace with Pair of Matching Earrings

A necklace with multiple strands of gemstones looks amazing when worn with a matching pair of earrings. It looks especially stunning when it is matched with diamond earrings. A necklace with multiple strands of precious gemstones looks amazing when worn with a matching pair of earrings. It looks especially gorgeous with gemstones that shine in the light. A necklace with multiple strands of gemstones is ideal for day-to-night fashion accessories.

There are several different lengths of necklaces that can be worn by women. A necklace can be very different depending on the length of the woman’s arm. Women who wear long dresses often opt for long necklaces, while shorter dresses can go for short length necklaces. A small necklace can also be worn by women with short arms. Women who are very petite can choose to wear small pearl necklace with their long hair, which looks absolutely fabulous! A pearl necklace with a single strand necklaces is also a wonderful choice for any occasion.


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