Creative Black Tie Dress Codes

Related Articles – A dress code is usually a set of guidelines, often hard-wired, regarding what clothes groups of individuals should wear. Dress codes vary according to the occasion, social norms, and expectations, and are often created from unwritten rules, conventions, and expectations. In many workplaces, dress codes are enforced by managers against employees who don’t adhere to the dress code.

Dress for More Formal Occasions and Holidays

Dress codes have become an important part of employee life at the workplace, especially in corporate environments. Many firms offer dress codes for more formal occasions and holidays, while others equally limit the dress code during more casual occasions and parties. This article focuses on the ongoing debate between smart casual and black tie optional.

In most offices, dress codes can be pretty basic and quite easy to follow. For instance, most offices ask employees to wear white or dark colors-just don’t wear anything bright or colorful. No flip-flops, no sandals, no athletic shoes, and no other fun clothes. Black tie optional has become known as smart casual in the past few years and many companies have adopted this style in order to improve the quality of employees’ appearance while still providing the standards required by their jobs.

Employees who want to wear black tie optional attire can do so with relative ease. They can find a vast array of dark-colored and printed tuxedos, as well as slacks and dress shirts that will perfectly match any ensemble. However, for some, the appeal of a darker color is just not there. In this case, a black dress shirt worn with a pair of gray pants or a gray and black dress shirt worn with a gray and black dress top may be just the right look. If a dark colored shirt isn’t really wanted, a light-colored shirt worn under a dark jacket or sweater may be an equally attractive option.

Shabby Pants Worn for Formal Dress Rules

Another example of how simple it can be to stay on the right side of the dress code is to make sure that the clothing doesn’t show too much. As mentioned above, a business that requires employees to wear a uniform can do so by having them all dress the same way. For instance, if all employees are required to wear black tie optional attire, they may all wear black tie underskirts. The only rule regarding style is that it must not be too form-fitting. That is why many office managers allow frumpy pants to be worn for formal dress codes.

Other than an outfit being appropriate, it is also important for a person to feel comfortable and at ease. For this reason, it is often times very helpful to go with a more creative black tie dress code. This can include going with a more modern piece such as a shirt with a logo, a dressy sweater, or even a nice pair of pants. While a great number of men are not going to enjoy this type of look, it is perfectly fine for others.

Wearing a Shirt with a Matching Tie

A black-tie dress code that is simply not followed can result in an uncomfortable situation. Not only will an employee not be happy, but it could be potentially problematic within the office as well. For example, it may be frowned upon if a man is seen wearing a dress shirt along with a matching tie, or if he is seen without any shoes. It can get much worse if the dress code does not allow men to wear anything above a white or gray suit. Even the color white can get a pass sometimes if a person decides to choose a shade other than what is expected.

When a man wants to go with a less traditional or creative black tie look, there are some options. Many men choose to put on a tuxedo. While a tuxedo is always considered to be formal attire, it is sometimes acceptable to wear a dress shirt underneath one. Additionally, it can be acceptable to wear a jacket, tie, or even a bowtie, although it is never good to have any of these accessories on. For men who want to break out of the black tie mold, they may choose to go with a cocktail dress, which is less formal, or something in between like a dinner jacket.


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