Finding Good Quality Footwear For Beautiful Feet

Related Articles – Footwear heels are shoes that are worn with high heels. High heels are shoes that have heels of at least two inches. Footwear heels are not the same as stilettos, although the terms are often used interchangeably with some reason. Stilettos are type of footwear that have no high heel. The difference between the two is that stilettos have a rubber sole whereas footwear heels do not.

Different Types of Heels to Choose from

There are different types of footwear heels to choose from. These include, wedge, platform and V-backs. A wedge is a low heel that has little or no rubber. It is mostly seen on women’s shoes. A platform high heel has a high heel, but the back part of the shoe is lower than the front part, making it look like the backside of the shoe is up.

The other main type of footwear heels is called V-backs. V-backs are extremely high heels that usually reach the ankles. There are different styles of V-backs that include the traditional V, the scooped back or the arched V. A woman can wear platform high heels with V-backs, making them look like they are wearing sandals. A pair of wedge footwear heels can make a woman look taller. However, for some reason, wearing platform high heels with V-backs does not look good on some people.

Some women prefer to wear wedges and platforms. Wedges are footwear that has one heel that is very high. They can look great on women who are smaller as well as on tall women. A platform is footwear that has two heels. Platform footwear heels give the impression of longer legs and are usually worn by professional women.

Choosing Comfortable and Suitable Footwear

When looking for the right pair of footwear heels, it is important to choose the footwear carefully. Some of the factors that need to be considered when buying footwear include the length of time the footwear will be worn. The material of the footwear also affects the look of the footwear. The most common material used in footwear is leather. The best material for footwear is suede or nubuck. Both materials have different looks and can also last for a long time if cared for properly.

Another factor to consider when choosing footwear heels is to consider the design. There are many designs for footwear. A woman should choose a design that does not attract attention to any particular problem areas. For instance, if the footwear is worn while working in an office, then the footwear should be low enough to avoid touching any desks.


Footwear stores often have footwear heels that do not match the design that is being worn. To get the correct fit for footwear heels, one can choose to have them professionally fitted. If the person does not want to take the time to go to a footwear store then there are many websites that offer custom made footwear heels. The person can design their own footwear heels using a photo of their foot.

Popular Types of Footwear for Women

Most footwear stores offer full assistance and advise people on the different types of footwear that they offer. Some of the most popular footwear brands include Bloch, Capezio, Converse, Etonic, GrigioPerla and Instep. Most footwear stores offer free shipping and guarantee that the products they sell are genuine. One should avoid footwear stores that do not provide proper advice or have no guarantee because the footwear could be of poor quality.

It is advisable that one shops online rather than buying from footwear stores because many online footwear stores offer custom made heels. A person can get custom made heels from popular footwear brands at very reasonable prices. This enables one to get the size that they require at a price that they can afford. Most online footwear stores also offer return service for footwear products. This helps one to return products that they are not satisfied with for any reason.

One can find a wide variety of styles and designs at footwear stores. They carry heels, boots, stilettos and various other types of footwear. Women’s footwear is much larger than men’s footwear because women need larger footwear to support the added weight of the dress. Men’s footwear stores generally do not carry as many designs as women’s footwear stores. Some of the popular designs include basketball sneakers, flip flops, loafers and others.


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