How to Make a Crochet Tank Top

Related Articles –¬†Once you have completed the first round of your Crochet Tank Top, you can start adding straps. You can make these straps any length that you wish. You can even add your own design by weaving or tying them. To begin your Crochet Tank Top, you should sc a total of 112 stitches for the main body, and then divide these by four for the v neck. The first sc will be the first side of the v neck, so count and mark the sc to work on the second side of the v neck.

Make a Tank Top with the Right Size

The pattern is written in nine sizes, so you’ll need to choose a size accordingly. You won’t find bust measurements for the first size, but you can choose to make it as tight or loose as you’d like. The finished size of a size small is approximately 24 inches in diameter and fits a 32″ bust. The material is stretchy and allows you to alter it to your own measurements. Adding more chains for the larger sizes will make your tank top wider, but you’ll need a pattern with this adjustment.

The basic Crochet Tank is made from two panels sewn together. The straps are created with ch stitches. Crochet a row of basic double crochet stitches. To make the edging of the bottom, make a round of basic double crochet stitches. The chain for a size small is about 10 inches long, which is the equivalent of 47 sts in the size small pictured. Once you’ve finished the crochet tank, you can seam it. You can even sew the ends together with a simple whip stitch.

Fun and Stylish Crochet Top

For the mini metallic tank top, you can buy a charted pattern for a crocheted version. This tank top pattern is designed to be worn over your favorite T-shirt or skirt. A metallic tank top paired with a white t-shirt will complete the look. You can find it online at Off The Hook Apparel UK and on TCD DIY. There are a few websites that sell crochet tank top patterns.

The Ombre Crochet Tank Top is a fun, easy, and stylish crocheted top that has a subtle flare at the waistline. The Winding Road Crochet design gives you a subtle lace stitch pattern that will add a pretty touch to your summer look. You can also try the Two Brothers Blankets Cool Beans Tank, which is lightweight and comfortable. The Fringe Crochet Tank is another fun top with a boho flair.

Crafted as Four Unique Straps Crossing the Shoulder

The straps are created as four unique straps that cross at the shoulder. The stitch markers on the last row divide the final row into equal sections. XS, S, and M sizes each have 22 stitches, while 2XL and 3XL have 38 and 42 stitches. Make sure to make enough of your Crochet Tank Top to fit you perfectly! You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how quickly and easily this top comes together.

You can make your own version of Mariah Carey’s butterfly tank top, or find a design that echoes it. Then, try making one for yourself, or you can get inspiration from UO’s iterations. Alternatively, you can make a crochet version of a classic halter-neck top. This top is a spring/summer staple, and it’s the perfect way to channel the 90s in style.


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